Sergio Martinez - Introduction by Walt & Royer Reed

When we first became aware of work of Sergio Martinez, we wondered how such an accomplished and original artist had so suddenlyappeared without prior fanfare.

We learned that he is truly an intenational artist whose career took a long time evoling, from his origins in Mexico to art training in Paris, and several years with adversiting agency work for clients in South and Centra America, Spain, France, Switzerland, and the United States.

An assignment from the BBC to do a series of illustrations for the boxed audio tapes of Sherlock Holmes radio programs provided the oppor-tunity to jocus on that gaslight era.

Martinez broadened his artistic repertoire of traditional mediums and even invened his own new rendering technique in an unorthodox com-bining of tracing vellum, compressed carbon pencils, oil pastels and colored pencils, worked on two sides of the vellum, whith a judicious dissolving and blending of the mediums with Turpenoid.

"The carefree apparence of the work is a mask. His description of the pure and lovely insecurity and the "98 pain and surffering" through the process while he struggles to find the right metaphor, demonstrates his is no mere virtuoso. Martinez's techmical mastery may be mature, but the is keenly aware that the slightest waver of his sinewy line will nuance his interpretation of his subject, and he may execute more than a dozen versions of the picture before he will rest (doubtlessly, he would not use the word satisfied). Finally, the work is a simple and as com-plicated as a flower".

Walt and Roger Reed Ilustration House, NY.

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